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We used to live at Sääse, Tamsalu county, I and my husband. We often saw abandoned cats and kittens sitting at the front doors of  apartement houses, asking in their own language to be let in. Their former owners, however. remained deaf to their pleading. The cats were left out in the cold, hungry. They had no choice but to try and find shelter in the basements. People did not like this,they were cruel to the cats, some even tortured them, causing injuries and pain.

During the twenty five years we lived at Sääse, we saw a lot of this. It was heart-breaking, so when we moved house and  settled at Toolse, we simply could not leave the cats behind.We took them with us. In our new home, and old house which is my husband Olav´s birthplace, we set up a shelter  for abandoned cat. That was in 2007.

We have never regretted our decision. Quite the contrary, we feel  we are strong enough to enlarge the shelter, so as to offer more abandoned cats a safe place to live.

Our house is shelter to unlucky abandoned cats who have not found new homes.Quite a few of them are elderly and have health problems. We take care of all of them,
feed them and treat them  until they are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed again.Until they feel safe, learn to trust and start to play again.

We are one big family.

Malve Tooming